Join 4Troops for a Live, Online Concert this Friday!

The group 4Troops consists of United States combat veterans Sergeant Daniel Jens; retired Staff Sergeant Ron Henry; Sergeant David Clemo; and Captain Meredith Melcher.

4TROOPS, the hot new vocal group comprised of U.S. combat veterans, will perform a 30-minute USO concert LIVE from New York City on July 2, 2010, at 2:00 pm EST.  The concert is being streamed with the help of Stickam, an industry leader in online multimedia communications services.

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Each member of the group served on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is on a mission to give back to troops. Their self-titled debut album was released May 11, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the USO and other organizations that support U.S. soldiers, veterans and their families. Most recently, the quartet has made appearances on “Good Morning America,” “The View,” “CNN,” “Nightline” and “Larry King Live,” among other prominent news programs. Their PBS special “4TROOPS: Live From the Intrepid” is currently airing on PBS stations nationwide and this fall the group will embark on a 50-city national tour.

During the concert, 4TROOPS will answer questions from fans, share their thoughts on what it means to serve our nation and reflect on their USO experiences. Fans will be able to view the concert live and submit advance questions for the group online via  Leave your question for the group in the comments section below! We’ll take submissions through 12pm EST on Thursday and two lucky winners will receive 4Troops prize packs!  (Sorry, USO employees and their families are not eligible.)

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Our Volunteers are the Best!

We here at the USO couldn’t do what we do without the support of our amazing volunteers around the world.  Recently we’ve received a couple of great emails from volunteers, letting us know about their USO experiences.  Enjoy!

The first letter is from Michigan:
“Dear USO,
Lorraine and I [two USO volunteers -ed.] met  Lee and Sue Scherwitz at our USO tent.  Lee shared his story that in 1966 he met Sue at a USO Dance at Selfridge AFB in Mt Clements, MI and in 1967 they were married.  Lee has great memories of the USO and has a special date with the USO in his life! Lee served in the US Air Force for 26 years, serving Vietnam though Desert Storm.  He is currently the Airport Director Southwest Michigan Regional Airport (BEH).

Have a great USO Day,
Welton and Lorraine”

Lee and Sue Scherwitz at the USO tent in Michigan; they met at a USO Dance at Selfridge AFB and have been married for 43 years!

And this great letter is from Georgia:
“Hi Everyone,
I had the most wonderful day yesterday and wanted to share it with my Atlanta friends.  Steve and I volunteered a day at the USO at Hartsfield Airport.

We started our day getting there around 6:45am, signing in and prepping the food area with drinks. Then we were assigned the duty to greet the military as they arrived at the airport and positioned ourselves in our USO aprons and welcoming signs and cart at the top of the escalator where all the passengers exit to go to baggage claim.

The day started (7:00am) as the young men (mostly) and women came up the stairs to be greeted by loved ones excited to see their daddies and sons home for R & R (Rest and relaxation for 2 weeks) after being away for 8 months. They are so young and tears welled in my eyes!!!! Can I do this today??

As the morning went on things slowed down and we become the official airport greeters, helping direct many to baggage claim and ground transportation. Then around lunch time the flights started coming in from all over the country bringing back the young men and women who are returning to the war front. Some greeted us with looks of Where am I, Where do I go, Big smiles or those already starting to get back into their game faces. But not a single one was not happy to have us there, to let them know where to go and to direct them to the USO where they can rest and eat a hot lunch and get refreshments. I can DO this!!! We were told we could leave around 1:00 but I turned to Steve and said I can’t leave yet they are still coming, I have to do this. We stayed and greeted till 2:45, when after several waves of passengers had arrived no more soldiers were in the groups. Almost 8 hours later!!!! One of the best 8 hours I have spent in a long time.

People came up to us to thank us for supporting the troops, some didn’t know what was going on and we explained to them what the USO is all about. A volunteer program receiving donations from corporations and just regular folks.

So next time you come up those escalators take note what you see. Most folks just walk past our military, don’t notice them, they are invisible. Most have very little money, very young, very polite, they are the best of the best, I could not be more proud to be an AMERICAN.

I will do this again soon.

God Bless America, God Bless those soldiers I interfaced with yesterday, they will be in country by Saturday, God be with them and protect them and all those fighting to keep us FREE!!!!