Take our Independence Day Poll!

A view of the South Lawn of the White House as military families enjoyed the holiday on July 4, 2009, with a special USO picnic and concert. (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

One of our favorite holidays – the 4th of July – is almost here.  We’ll be honoring our Troops and celebrating our independence…and we want to hear what YOU will be doing, too!

Take our poll below and add your own ideas in the comments section.  And click on the “Share This” button to post to your favorite social networking sites.

Four lucky commenters will receive USO prize packs!  Sorry, USO employees and their families are not eligible.

58 thoughts on “Take our Independence Day Poll!

  1. The Forth of July is my favorite time of year .
    I love to see our city’s fireworks show and spend time with my family and friends to remember that this holiday is what made our country into the home of free and land of the brave!
    Thank you to all our service men and women;past and present;who fought,shed blood and made the ultimate sacrfice that guarantees our freedom!!! “RJM”

  2. I’ll be celebrating the 4th in Japan with my daughter, Capt Heather McDaniel, USAF!! And I’ll be wearing my USO 4th of July t-shirt!!

  3. I plan on driving out to Fort Gordon, GA to hang out with my sister and family for the 4th of July. She is a new military wife ;-)

  4. I will be celebrating my 4th anniversary on the 3rd, my 48th birthday on the Fourth and seeing wonderful friends at our 30th year class reunion.
    We have two sons serving with the Marines in Afghanistan this year, they were in boot last year at this time, am hoping that next year we will all be together to celebrate the 4th of July.

    Thanks to the USO for all you do for our military personnel!

  5. I too, love the celebrations to honor our country and our patriots! We plan to play golf and then settle in for the fireworks! I love this country and I love what the USO means to our service men, women and their families! It has truly touched the lives of many over the years. The USO goes where it has to in order to provide a touch of home to those who serve all of us.

  6. My husband’s birthday is July 2, so we’re having a cookout with his parents and then setting off fireworks in the driveway. A lot of people in our neighborhood do their own displays and everybody gets to watch everybody else’s

  7. I’ll be celebrating July 4th 2010 at Iraq’s first USO. I hear the daily jet show is amazing. LOL. I’m stationed at JBB and the USO is a wonderful addition here. I use the reading program to send video’s and books home to my kids. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THE USO DOES.

    SSG Whitaker

  8. This year we will be trying our first Hop as a family ever back to the states from Germany where we are stationed begining the 1st of July in hopes to be with our Family stateside to celebrate the 4th of July and introduce the newest little member our 4 month old daughter to our family and friends!

  9. the patriotic event is actually the post event. We have THE most awesome Freedom Fest activities. Fireworks, Bands, Talent shows, Dancing, Static displays (military vehicles), child identification kits, carnival games, information booths, food, etc, just a lot of fun. FT HOOD Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are right, we miss it!!! I’m hoping one day we will be back there. This year we are spending it a Ft. Gordon. We are going to the Freedom Fest here on Friday and then Augusta Ga is having something on the 4th.

  10. My husband who is stationed out of state, has a long weekend. We are meeting up w/ him at a friend’s house to celebrate w/ them. Fireworks, fire pit and s’mores, games, going to the beach, having fun. Happy Birthday, America!!!! :)

  11. We’ll be celebrating by attending the annual Subfest celebration at New London Subase in CT. We’ll be spending time as a family, grilling out, and watching fireworks together as well (our 11 month olds first time!).

  12. I will start the weekend by attending the graduation of a dear friend’s son from Parris Island on July 2. We will return to Philadelphia on July 3 and attend the send off party of another friend’s son who is deploying to Afghanistan. On July 4 I will be at Carpenter’s Hall, aka Independence Hall for the reading of the Declaration!
    Vicki Clark
    Veteran US Navy
    Marine Mom

  13. I’m deployed so I will be spending this 4th of July in Baghdad, Iraq. The USO crew at BIAP is great, I know they will take good care of us.

  14. We have family & friends coming into town to celebrate. It’s my husband’s favorite holiday and the last major holiday he’ll spend in the states. :( We’re definately going to make it one to remember with fireworks, good food and good times! Oh, and I’ll definately be sporting my limited edition USO 4th shirt!

  15. We go to our on base celebration (music, games, rides, food, prizes) in the afternoon and then wait till Dad gets home from patrol so we can watch the firework show together.

  16. We live on a base in Washington, DC, so we can see the national fireworks from our neighborhood (just a little smaller in the distance, LOL). It’s pretty cool! And no parking hassles. :)

  17. we will be enjoying fort stewart ga . we live there thye are having all kinds of fun stuff for the kids. on july 2nd. then on july 4th me and the kids are watching fireworks and sparklers , cooking on the grill…. while the web cam is on so hubby can see the 3 of us for 4th of july!!! love the U.S.A

  18. I will be grilling for my 2 guys – son who is in the Army National Guard and husband who was in the Navy. We will also attend a local parade and watch fireworks.

    I love when Americans show their patriotism. My husband will be wearing his new USO t-shirt!

  19. Our family will have the traditional cookout with burgers and dogs and swimming in the pool. Our troops and especially the Marines in afghanistan are in our prayers and thoughts everyday. My son is there serving his country. God bless our troops and keep them safe.

  20. My husband and I will be taking the kids to an event on Parris Island SC this year. Last year, we were lucky enough to get invited to the White House, as he was just returning from an IA deployment. It was an awesome time! Independence Day is my favorite holiday!!

  21. Heading to the OBX area ~ good times with family, good grub, good beach fun, and fireworks are in our forecast! Happy 4th of July, one of my Favorite Holidays!! God Bless the USA!!

    Thanks to all the Troops serving and gerat organizations like the USO supporting them Worldwide.

  22. We are currently stationed overseas in England. We’ll be traveling to the near by base and enjoying a patriotic day with fellow American’s :). So glad we’ll be able to celebrate the 4th even though we are not in the states!!

  23. This 4th of July would have been our 8th wedding anniversary. My Hero/Husband SSG Laurent J West (KIA 3-11-08) loved Busch Gardens in VA so that is where we will celebrate. To spend time with our daughter riding the rides, eating turkey legs and watching the fireworks. Of course I will be wearing my USO The Troops Know I Have Their Back t-shirt with pride!

  24. We’ll be celebrating by traveling to Philadelphia in order to spend time with my wonderful inlaws (Yes, I got lucky with them !! ), attending our baby shower they’ll be throwing for us, and spending the 4th at Penns Landing enjoying fireworks and what it means to be an American. Thank you to the USO for all of the wonderful support you show us !! The military families appreciate you all !!

  25. My girlfriend is stationed in Florida right now and I’m stationed in Port Hueneme, CA. I am bringing her home to meet my folks, BBQ and then hike up the hill behind my parents house to watch the fireworks. There’s this street near my house, York, named after one of the deciding victories in the Revolutionary war and there is always a nice collection of independent fireworks that speaks to the spirit of our nation. ENS and LTJG Ian Roessle and Erica Pereira, USN.

  26. My husband is deployed and I’ve invited the other spouses who don’t have anywhere else to go to come over. I’m planning to grill and try to forget it’s another holiday.

  27. I’ll be defending freedom and democracy around the world. In other words, I’ll be working that day.

  28. We will be going to Fort Benning to pick up our son (Pvt. Wilson, Jimmy) & 2 of his battle buddies, to spend the weekend with them. They have arranged for us to go down there to see him as a surprise for us. He knew that we didn’t have any money to come and see him, so they went out of there way to pay for us to go. I love all my soldiers!!!!!

  29. We will be driving up to see the in-laws to spend time with them & watching the fireworks near them….we are military and try to spend holidays with our families (trading off of course) whenever we are in the states! God bless our country and hope you stay safe!

  30. I’ll be volunteering for a few hours at the Fort Hood Freedom Fest; helping our FRG raise funds by selling Glow things. Later, will be BBQing with my family and some friends and lighting up our own fireworks. This will the first one in about four years since my husband and I are going to be together celebrating with our kids. Used to be one OR the other parent with the kids.

  31. We have a Fourth of July tradition. The extended family gets together at my cousin, Ellen’s house. She had a pool! We swim, bbq, drink, gab and hold the new babies in the family. It’s about the only time we all get together anymore with everyone’s busy schedule. My husband won’t be there this year because he is serving overseas. );

  32. Michelle West, I just wanted to send my condolences and tell you that you and your daughter will be in my prayers over the weekend. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice that your Soldier , you, your daughter, and your families have made for us all. I’m sorry for your heartache and loss.

  33. This is going to be a good 4th as we will be with both of our girls and surprises are in store for all of us as we have no specific plans !! Truly an independent day :)

  34. We will be spending the time enjoying the community events, family and fireworks. The big event will be talking to our son and his wife who are serving the the Air Force.

  35. We’re attending our city’s Independance Day festivities including the fireworks. My birthday is the next day (I’m ALMOST a Yankee Doodle Dandy, I always say, LOL) so we’ll cook out on the 5th.

  36. I will be celebrating with my son, SGT Eric Siler , USA in Bakersfield, CA as he is getting ready to deploy. Farewell dinner July 3rd, 2010….Take care of my son!!

  37. We’re doing both BBQing and watching fireworks. My oldest (retired Navy) will laugh at me because, as I do every year, I’ll be tearing up watching the fireworks thinking of all of our military families that aren’t together at this time of year. This started when he was in the Service and every year, as the rest of us sat and relaxed, I thought of him and wondered if he and his friends knew how much they were missed, what they were doing and if they were safe.

  38. I will volunteer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the morning, then a cook out with friends. Fireworks that evening. I will be wearing my USO 4th of July shirt!

  39. I plan on taking my children to the graveyard where my dad and grandpartents are lying and place new flags on all the graves of those who have served our country, including my dad in 3 big wars. Then picnic under the shade tree where my dad lyes and tell strories to my kids.

  40. I plan to fly about 50 American flags on Observation Post Ouellette in the South Korean DMZ in honor of all Veterans both living and dead; I’ll also call my wife to see how she is doing.

  41. We live on a cul-de-sac, but we have so much more than just geographic proximity to our neighbors, we have become an extended family. 4th of July sees us pulling our grills into the driveway, the tables of food into a garage, and the cars out of the neighborhood – so we can gather with friends, co-workers and extended family to celebrate the freedoms we cherish in this nation – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We won’t have two of our four sons home this year, our soldier sons are deployed in Afghanistan. God bless them and the U.S.A.

  42. For several years folks in my Studio City, CA neighborhood have participated in a small but meaningful celebration. we hold an opening ceremony with The Pledge of allegiance led by a school child, the National Anthem sung by all and a four block parade featuring decorated bikes and baby carriages, lots of flag waving,followed by treats, watermellon, lemonade and games for the kids.
    I’d encourage others to do the same to instill a sense of patriotism and National unity in our children. AND DON’T FORGET TO DISPLAY THE FLAG

  43. We will be going to a family celebration at the US Embassy in Canberra, Australia, with many DOD families that are currently stationed Down Under!

  44. I will be attending local festivities here in River City along the banks of the Columbia. Of course I will be watching the fire works and BBQing as well.

    I want to Thank all of those who have served & are serving to keep our country free.

    Fawn –
    US Army & US Army Reserve
    Navy Daughter, Navy Sister, Navy Buddy

  45. I’ll be celebrating the 4th of July remembering all the military by displaying the American flag and enjoying my birthday celebration on July 5th. The USO is a way of my serving the military in a hospitable way and allowing them to feel welcomed as a volunteer.

  46. My 9 year old son is a Young Marine and will be working at Operation Freedom with the other Young Marines at the Milwaukee County Zoo. It’s a free event for military families and vets. He will also be marching in the parade along with my father who belongs to the Marine Corps League. My husband, is on his way to Iraq for his second deployment. We miss him, but are very proud of him. Blessings to all on this July 4th weekend!

  47. I am the Mother of PFC Ricky Salas Jr. he was killed in Iraq on03/07/2006. This was a holiday that he always loved as a child and growing up so I will continue going to the big parade and street fair in Lubbock, Tx. and then watch the firework display with the rest of my kids and grandkids and remember Ric to the fullest extent and show our family gratitude to all Military and to thosew that have given the Ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom. Thanks for what each of you do!!!!!!

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