Christmas in June

Here’s one of our favorite photos from the archives:

What can you tell us about this photo?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any record of where or when this was captured. It’s such a beautiful moment, and we would love to have more information about it. Please join the USO in a search for clues that might reveal something about who these men are and what brought them together to decorate an evergreen on this beach.

17 thoughts on “Christmas in June

  1. The gentleman on the other’s shoulders reaching for the top of the tree, his last name is Blackwell and was in the Army.

  2. The gentleman holding Mr. Blackwell, his last name ends in rker (as in Parker). They were both in the U.S. Army.

  3. The language is Japanese – believe it reads Fukuoka Mikan. This could be Okinawa or another beach in Japan.

  4. I think that the man holding Mr Blackwell is Fess Parker aka Danial Boone. I am not that familiar with is movies, but someone else might be.

  5. the printing on the box is, i’m pretty sure, Japanese. My guess is one of the captured islands or Okinawa…..Just a hunch…

  6. 11th Light Infantry Bregade (Americal) patches on the left pockets. Vietnam era uniforms. Active between ’67-71. Narrows your scope to those few years. Part of 23rd Infantry Division out of Schofield Barracks.

  7. The uniforms and boots are what was issued for Vietnam. The pocket patch indicates the 11th Infantry and were in Duc Pho, hense the water in the back ground.

  8. Blackwell is 198th Infantry out of Fort Hood. If those two patches are in the same location, it’s after December 20, ’68, which is when both units were merged under the 23rd Division, which is the Americal Division. They trained in Duc Pho, then went into operation north of Chu Lai.

  9. Fess Parker
    Howard Lavick �Stars and Stripes
    Da Nang, South Vietnam, December 12, 1970: Actor Fess Parker, left � TV’s “Davy Crockett” � and World Airways Vice President Gene Holleman unload Christmas turkeys for the troops. A few days later, the plane that brought the turkeys and Christmas trees destined for five areas of the war zone returned stateside carrying 183 servicemembers on holiday leave.

    link to other photo at same time

  10. I believe Mr. Blackwell was in the 198th Infantry Brigade and the guy in the middle with glasses was in the 11th Infantry Brigade. Both of those units were together in Vietnam as part of the “American Division”. Hope that helps out.

  11. The man holding the soldier on his sholders is none other than Fess Parker, actor best known for his role as Daniel Boone.

  12. Fess Parker an American icon, passed away this March at age 85. His portrayal of frontiersmen Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone impacted millions. Fess went to S. Vietnam in December 1970 on a USO tour in this photo.

  13. I was the Stars and Stripes photographer who traveled with Fess Parker during his Vietnam Christmas USO tour in Dec 1970. This may be one of my photos. H. Lavick

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