Tied to a Cause: Making a Whale of a Difference

The USO and vineyard vines® have partnered to benefit Operation Enduring Care…and YOU can be a part of it!  The Connecticut-based apparel and accessories brand’s “Tied to a Cause” campaign is a charitable program that honors different charities each month by selling custom classic tote bags and ties in a variety of colors, with proceeds benefiting the featured organization, will be specifically supporting the USO’s Operation Enduring Care initiative through the July 4th weekend, 2010. Click here to check out the limited-edition ties and totes that are available for purchase!

The USO has pledged to raise $100 million over five-years for Operation Enduring Care, a comprehensive long-term initiative to support America’s Wounded Warriors and their families. vineyard vines will sell custom classic tote bags and ties in a variety of colors on their website for the month of June, with all proceeds from sales directly benefiting Operation Enduring Care.  We’ll also be holding in-store events at vineyard vines locations around the country; details are forthcoming.

“To be able to help such an honorable organization as the USO is incredible,” said CEO and co-founder Ian Murray. “Their support of our troops who fight for our freedom is truly commendable. We’re privileged to raise funds for Operation Enduring Care.”

“We are excited about the new relationship with vineyard vines,” said Sloan Gibson, president and CEO of the USO. “As we continue to support the troops and their families, we want to thank vineyard vines for their commitment to raising funds for Operation Enduring Care and Wounded Warriors.”

To celebrate, we’re giving away totes and ties to four lucky blog readers!  Just leave a comment below to tell how how you’d wear YOUR tote or tie to show support of our wounded warriors and Operation Enduring Care.  Would you take the tote to the beach?  Wear the tie to a wedding?  Be creative!

Four winner will be chosen at random; USO employees and their families are not eligible.

54 thoughts on “Tied to a Cause: Making a Whale of a Difference

  1. This is an amazing cause. I actually am in the process of planning a fundraiser. My husband is a soldier and was injured last June while in Iraq. He suffered a TBI and still has some trouble from the incident. We appreciate all the help for all the wounded soldiers that you provide. Thank you so much!

    • sorry I forgot to post what I would use it for. I would use it for everything, from the beach, to FRG meetings, to carrying my daughter’s stuff around.

  2. I would wear my tote to the beach, work, picinics and I’d use it as a purse/laptop carrier to work. I think they are all soo cute! And of course the USO logo makes it even better! I will be buying one of these!

  3. I would send some of the ties to family members to have the continue on showing our support for the soldiers!! And I would use the tote all the time as a bag for my little boy on the go! =)

  4. I’d take that tote everywhere! I have a two year old so we’re always trucking around multiple bags and having one big tote would be great! Thanks USO for everything you do for not only my husband but for all the troops.

  5. I’d carry my tote as a diaper bag for the little Army Brat we have arriving in October ! I want people to know that we’re a proud Army family, that we support our Wounded Warriors, and that we thank them for the sacrifices they made for us and for our children.

    Thank you to the USO for all the wonderful support you give our military families !

  6. This is such a great partnership! I would love to support the USO by carrying a tote all around the great state of SC with my husband and son (in matching ties, of course). Thanks for all the great work you do!

  7. I’d use my tote as my gym bag during the week and my pool bag during the weekend! It also looks like it’s a perfect size for a cat carrier :) My husband would get a lot of use out of the tie as he is starting a new job (suit required) in 2 weeks. Yay!

  8. I would use MY tote for a diaper bag!!! My husband is over in Afghanistan right now and we have a son on the way, so to show my support for him and our family and the USO I would show it off every day I go out with our son.

  9. Great article and thanks to the USO and Vineyard Vines for supporting our troops!! If I had the tote I would use it to carry my books to my college classes… =0)

  10. If I won a tie, I know a lot of veterans who would love to wear it. The hard part would be choosing who to give it to, since I’m a girl! If I won a tote, I would either use it to carry items back and forth to the USO events that I volunteer for, or more likely I’ll end up giving it to a soldier’s mom or girlfriend!

  11. This tote would make a great diaper bag for my soon to be twins, it would honor some of my friends who are Wounded Warriors and my Husband who continues to serve in the AF.

  12. I would pack my tote any where I went. I currently pack around an ACU purse that was made out of my husbands uniforms. When I say any where I mean, Walmart-beach-water parks- church-where ever you take a purse/tote to.

  13. My husband is a soldier in the Army and I’d use the tote as a diaper bag/purse year round! These are so adorable! If I was to get a tie I’d let my husband wear it on special occasions or I might just tie to to the rear view mirror of my car for everyone to see!

  14. Great job, USO!! We so appreciate what you do for our Troops and their families! I would carry my tote EVERYWHERE for awareness of our Wounded Warrior program. I usually take a big bag everywhere I go to carry my parcels to the post office, shopping merchandise, etc. This would be perfect to have!

    If I won a tie, I would give it to my husband, a proud Army Dad and supporter of all of our Troops. Perhaps he’d wear it to our Soldier’s wedding!!

  15. I would wear my tote everywhere I go. As the Mother of 2 US Marines, and an Army wife. I recognize the value of what the USO does and provides. Not many do!! Its sad enough the public doesnt know what our service men and women do, but an organization like the USO needs to be more publicized.
    I have had my own experience, with the USO in San Diego when my 15yo neice missed a flight and had to wait for 6hrs for another. The USO came thru even for us. They were the most wonderful people!!!! And now whenever I travel alone, I always make sure I know where a USO is because I feel safe and comforted knowing they are there!!!! Not only for my sons and husband but— Even for lost MOMS and Wives!!!
    I would wear that tote, and even the tie, stylishly feminine to bring awareness of the special people the USO is!!!!

  16. I would use it when my family and I go to the beach, seaworld etc. We recently moved on navy orders to San Diego.

  17. This tote is awesome…I would use it to carry my stuff when I go to volunteer at the USO ! God Bless our Troops!

  18. Certainly take it everywhere and network to let folks know of the wonderful organizations involved with this endeavor!!

  19. It would be my new travel bag! I spend a lot of time on the road and welcome the opportunity to encourage other civilians :) to support our troops. As someone who doesn’t currently have a family member in the military, it’s even more important for me to support them through the USO. They’re fighting and spending time away from their families so that I don’t have to. There isn’t a bigger gift than that.

  20. I would use the tote when I travel back and forth from Cuba to Jacksonville FL!!! I love the USO and all it does for our military family. A quick shout out to my fave……Mayport, FL USO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all you do!

  21. This is SUCH a great cause. Thank you so much for everyone who participates. My man is a marine and has been deployed multiple times, so I definitely understand how beneficial this is. He actually was responsible for escorting injured marines both physically and mentally to wounded warrior. God Bless! I would use the bag to carry books to school, to carry my things to the beach, to carry when he finally comes home, even as a purse at the ball. :)

  22. I would wear the bag daily to put diapers in and anything else I need to have around in support of all of our troops. My husband is in the Army so I completely support all military families. I would be honored to win either the tote or the tie and my husband would wear the tie for weddings or any other dressy event.

  23. I would wear that tote everywhere. With the kids I’m always taking a bag of books or something with me. They are really cute totes.

  24. I love everything about this! The tote is beautiful, but the cause is WONDERFUL! I am the daugther of a Vietnam vet and proud aunt of an active duty Army medic currently stationed in a war zone. I am very proud of them and it makes me feel good to know there are others who care about them and support them too! I love showing my support in every way possible.

  25. I LOVE this tote. I would use for EVERYTHING…beach, travel, whatever else may come up. My husband is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan soon and I have trips planned for our daughter while he’s away. On top of that, the Wounded Warrior program has special meaning to us since a very close friend of ours was injured in Afghanistan earlier this year and is currently part of the program.

  26. As a veteran of the USAF (and USO) and as the mother, daughter, sister, and aunt of other veterans – my son and my brother are currently serving our country in Iraq – I would first tie a yellow ribbon around the handle of my vineyard vines tote, and then fill it, throughout the year, with care packages to send to soldiers. I will also, with gratitude, use my tote (or tie), on a daily basis for all my daily journeys, as a show of support for our military men and women, and the USO. I used the USO, very thankfully, many times throughout my own military career, and encourage my son and brother to use them every day while in Iraq.

  27. A tie for a cause would be great for my husband, he teaches Sunday school for 5th graders and he could sport his tie letting them know that our troops deserve all the support they can get. As far as a tote, that would be mine. I have a big bag that has lasted through three kids and four summers, it’s pretty well worn and could use replacing. I love the USO and everything they do and nothing would make me happier than showing off a great tote with the big red, white and blue logo screaming out our support!

  28. I would use it to carry my books around. I read for pleasure and also I read several books at once. One of my favorite genre’s is Military History. I have mad respect for the men & women brave enough to fight for our freedoms. God Bless our Troops, and keep them safe.

  29. I served for 11 years and was lucky enough to have the USO at the airports! It was a blessing and I appreciated all the USO does and has done for the military. THANKS! Now about that tote and tie, would love to wear it to work and carry my lunch in it!

  30. Thank you Vineyard Vines. This “Tied to a Cause” program sounds wonderful, what a great idea. I’m glad you chose Operation Enduring Freedom for the July 4th time period. I will be sure to tell all of my FB friends about this. Thank you for all you do for all different charity programs.

  31. Thank you, USO!!! My boyfriend is a career USMC Sgt with 16 years combined service in both Navy and Marines. He’s always appreciated the care packages and other events USO has organized for our servicemen while on tour, and on his behalf I’d be thrilled to advertise USO to all my friends and family with your fabulous tote!! The question isn’t “what can the tote be used for” but “what CAN’T the tote be used for?!” Thanks again for supporting our men and women overseas, and Semper Fi!

  32. Thank you Vinyard Vines. I would take this Tote with me everywhere. I love totes anyway, but this one would be special to me. The USO is my favorite, and your support of Operation Enduring Care is just great. I have never heard of your organization, but I will spread the word for sure. Tied to a Cause is the best thing I have heard in a long time, what a wonderful idea. Thank you for doing this. I will show my tote off proudly !!

  33. I just love what the USO does for our military and their families. If I won a tote It would be my new purse! I would take it everywhere with me. I have 3 small kids so I always have a nice big bag with me everywhere! Thank you USO and all of our troops and their families!

  34. The USO is such a wonderful caring program. As a military wife, I know from experience how much they truly care for the troops and their families and will go the extra steps if it means helping a soldier. God bless. PS the Tote is adorable, as a mom of 3 boys the possibilities for the tote is endless.

  35. What a great cause! I love it and everything you are doing! These totes are super cute and would be used constantly in my household. I am constantly carrying around a bag (currently my bag is a reusable shopping sack, not very attractive, haha) filled with diapers, snacks, baby cups, toys, etc. This bag filled with our essentials comes with me everytime I leave my car, whether it be to a friends house, shopping mall, grocery store, or park.

  36. Fantastic cause! One that we should all be willing to help with. If I won the tote, I would fill it up with goodies and take it my Uncle’s retirement party from the AirForce. The airplane trip is about 3 hours and I will need lots of stuff to entertain my 2 and 1 year old!!

  37. i would use my tote for my knitting and reading. to go back and forth to work and keep waiting for someone to ask me where did i get that great tote.Then i would tell them and then I would tell them about myson the marine deployed in afghanistan and how proud we are of him

  38. Glad to see the USO and vineyard vines joining forces to provide some classy gear for the families & supporters of the military. I would love to have swim trunks created for the little guys who have Dads serving our country. Swimsuits and flip flops for the little people would be all the rave. But I’ll still buy and show my support. I back my husband (2nd Lt in US Army) 100%.

    Thank you for all you do for our soldiers!

  39. I really love your idea, and generousity in supporting the USO. my son is a marine stationed at camp pendelton and has already told me how happy he was to see a USO station on his travels already deployed once to AFG for 7 months. I love tote bags and I would take it everywhere proudly displaying it in support of our troops which I pray for every day. I support the USO completely and someday I can volunteer my time and talents to assist these men and women. Semper FI. mary steinhoff

  40. As a gal in Manhattan, I can never have too many tote bags since I have to carry my life with me wherever I go because I don’t have a car to store things in…work shoes, laptop, lunch, library books, you name it! And of course the tie goes to Dad.

  41. If I won the tote bag I would add it to my go green collection I use while shopping. It would mainly be my Target bag because it looks big enough for all the things I usually come out with.
    If I won the tie I would give it to my son because for some reason he loves ties but never wears a dress shirt with them. I think he would love this one the most because all his other ones are clip ons.

  42. I’m so glad to see Vineyard Vines supporting the USO, and these totes and ties are fantastic! I currently have a Vineyard Vines Tote that has a garnet and gold band with my sorority’s letters on it in support of Phi Mu Sorority at Florida State University. I just graduated from FSU, and I am going into the U.S. Navy in the fall. I start Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Newport, Rhode Island in September, and I would love to have one of these totes to take with me. I won’t get to use it while I’m in OCS, but once I’m commissioned as an Officer in the Navy, I know I will be so proud to use this tote in support of all of our troops every opportunity I am given.

    I hope Vineyard Vines keeps supporting philanthropies and causes as you have done, your company is really one-of-a- kind!

    God Bless,
    Lauren R.

  43. I have another vineyard vines bag that I use all the time for travelling! It’s the perfect size for an airplane carry-on : I can fit snacks, magazines, and plenty of toys for my active almost-one-year-old little boy!

  44. I am long time customer of VV and now work aboard a Marine Corps Base, where my husband is stationed, with Marines and families. I would love to carry all of my resources and information to my events in this attention getting tote that will be sure to grab the attention of many!

  45. I’ve been supporting the USO for sometime now especially to show the current brave men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan that the country remembers them. It is very sad that so little media attention is paid to them and so important that we support the USO in their efforts to provide some measure of comfort to our sons and daughters over there. I would use my bag for work, the beach, libary and my needlework and my husband, a veteran, would wear the tie. Thank you for making bringing attention to a very worthwile cause.

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