Tutor.com Offers FREE Online Tutoring and Career Help for MIlitary Families!

Hi! I’m George Cigale, CEO and founder of Tutor.com. I’m guest blogging today at the USO to let you know about Tutor.com for Military Families, a program provided by the Department of Defense that provides one-to-one live online tutoring and career help for military families at no charge.

We understand the issues that military families face—the stress of deployments, children transferring schools mid-year, and needing help getting up to speed with local curriculumand we are proud to support military families with 24/7 immediate access to homework help and career help that can relieve some of the stress.

And, as a working dad of three school-age children, including one who is studying Algebra this year, I know how tough it is to juggle conflicting family schedules and making sure homework gets done! It’s so important for students to have access to help when they need it, so they can get their homework done and feel confident about their progress.

Tutor.com helps the whole military family in two important ways:

  1. Tutor.com offers K-12 and college academic help. Students connect to tutors for help with homework, projects, quizzes and essays in more than 20 subjects. Our college experts are great for military service members and spouses who are continuing their education, and because we are available 24/7, we fit into busy, hectic schedules.
  2. Tutor.com helps service members and spouses seeking jobs and entering career transition. We have career experts who assist with everything from crafting cover letters to help pulling together a resume.  We are experts in translating your valuable volunteer and service experience into the perfect resume for a competitive civilian workforce.

Every time you connect to one of our tutors or career experts, you get one-to-one attention.  We’re there for you when you need us, 24/7, conveniently accessible from your home computer, and, we’re open all summer.

Active duty Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy service members and their spouses and children can access the program. Go to www.tutor.com/military for more information and to get a tutor.

George Cigale is CEO and founder of Tutor.com. The USO is presenting this guest post from Mr. Cigale to introduce military families to this new Department of Defense benefit.  The opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of Mr. Cigale and do not necessarily reflect those of the USO.

6 thoughts on “Tutor.com Offers FREE Online Tutoring and Career Help for MIlitary Families!

  1. As far my knowledge is concerned, tutorteddy.com also offers some special priviledges to the military community. They provide free 60 minutes tutoring to this military families.

  2. I have no spouse or dependents, but I do have 3 siblings struggling their way through college. I was living with one before my deployment, helping her study and so forth. Is there nothing I can do for my siblings while I’m deployed? It just doesn’t seem fair to me that I can’t help out my family just because they aren’t my children.

  3. The US Coast Guard us one of the five armed forces, my husband is deployed to the middle east (again) and yet, the aren’t even included in this benefit? How can I sign my 13 year old son up???? Just because we aren’t DoD, we still fight the same fight as the rest of the services.

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