Watch the World Premiere of Zac Brown Band’s New Video “Free”!!

It’s here, the world premiere of Zac Brown Band’s new video for their hit single “Free.”  Watch it now!

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8 thoughts on “Watch the World Premiere of Zac Brown Band’s New Video “Free”!!

  1. Thank you Uso and Zac Brown band. When I was serving a tour over there the Uso concerts were some of the highlights of that tour. Thank you, Thank you and keep doing what you are doing it is appreciated very much.

  2. nvmd i know that hospital and that stadium!!!
    Thank You so much USO and ZBB for supporting us so much!

  3. Video is FAN-tastic!!! I work with the USO and was working in Balad when the Zac Brown band came through. Great concert and great video!!! You captured the spirit of the troops in this video. I will look at this video and have wonderful memories for a long time to come. Thank you Zac Brown Band for your support of the troops and of the USO!!!!

  4. Amazing. I have goosebumps and tears. I had not heard this song until last Sunday at my brother’s wedding. He got married on our Dad’s birthday (RIP DAD) my Dad was in the Navy, and when my brother and his new wife released two red heart shaped balloons into the sky, this song was playing. Now it has a new meaning and I love both. As the member of a strong military family (Air Force & Navy) I have a strong sense of pride in all that our troops are doing and have done to keep me FREE !

  5. Thank you so much ZBB..Yall are awesome, saw yall at Ft Hood Tx…I couldnt help but cry and get goosebumps while watching the video. My husband and I both serve in the ARMY. Getting ready for our 2nd deployment but now with our son here songs like this make it so much hard to leave him but We know what we are doing is allowing him to do what he wants and not have to worry about anything.

  6. I have been in the medical field for 20+ yrs, & recently became a skin care specialist. The most satisfying job I had was a part time stagehand and working for local theaters, outdoor venues, and union jobs. I am 59 yrs. female, in good health, my father was retire career Army Lt. Col, and brother a Capt. in the Army. I want to become a part of vistitng and working with the band on an overseas tour. I know I have little chance of catching anyone’s attention, but it’s something I want to do for the military my father, brother, and country. I know the ZBB from my daughter, have seen them on TV, and am moved and would be honored to be a part of another tour. I just want to be a worker bee, part of giving the only thing I can, and hopefully be able in some small way to give thanks, something of myself, for those who protect this great country of ours. Thank-you, for you time. Sincerely,
    Maureen D.

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