9 thoughts on “Letters Back Home: Lemonade Edition

  1. I love this! Its this kind of thing that makes you realize how compassionate our small friends can be– they may be small– but their hearts are HUGE! Thank you to the adults who raised these kids!!!

  2. This is the inspiration we all need. When we reflect on what is really important, life is short and we need to show our love in such simple, pure, and sincere ways – each day.

  3. What sweet, thoughtful kids! They were hot but did not stop selling their lemonade because they believed in the ’cause’ they were working toward. God bless them for their selflessness….

  4. That is just simply beautiful. To some 28.25 is not much. To a young child, it is quite the substantial amount. To read that letter, it just yanked at my heart, and made me that much more proud to be an American and a veteran.

  5. THIS is why I ALWAYS stop for kids with lemonade stands! Rewarding free enterprise, initiative AND sometimes the result is nothing short of AWESOME!

  6. Dear U.S.O.,

    I think that you downplay the size of the gift

    a hard-working man or woman gives to you.

    I am 71 years old and receive a fixed income.

    I send to about 20 different recipients,because

    I know they need the gift,and it comes right from

    my heart.My monthly gifts add up to around

    60-70 dollars. I feel belittled when someone says

    that $28 is a small amount.I do gifting ,because

    it makes me feel good.I also send pre-paid

    telephones cards.I am not trying to boast.

    Do you agree that we are in dismal economic

    times?My average gift is $5.

    Most of the groups that need the money start

    at the $15 level then go up to $50-$1oo.

    What if 1 million donors sent a little,measly

    one dollar.Would that dollar look measly?????

    I think that any group desiring donations should

    be thankful,and pleased no matter what is sent.

    I’ll get off my soap-box,and say adieu.

    Douglas Gillespie


  7. Hi Douglas,
    We definitely did not mean any disrespect! We are very touched by their generosity and the generosity of any one who donates to the USO online, or drops a few coins in a jar at one of our Centers. We couldn’t do it without you – thanks.

  8. Hello,fyiuso,

    Thank you for your comment;and you are

    right about the children.You really have to

    admire and love them.They have “the true

    spirit of giving.”I would love to meet their

    parents,and give them and their children a big

    hug.A lot of Americans are sick of hearing and

    seeing on “The Tube” this seemingly endless

    conflict which has gone from Iraq,and now–


    One thing that we must not forget;our men and

    women did not start the conflicts.If you do not

    follow orders while being deployed,you will

    probably end up in the brig,and facing court-

    martial,and eventually a dishonorable discharge

    which will follow you for the rest of your life.

    That is a no-no!

    Our military personnel are hearing that a good

    share of the people in the U.S. aren’t interested

    anymore,and many,many soldiers have become

    disheartened.I pray that this conflict isn’t

    turning into another VietNam,and when our

    troops return home,they will be blamed for

    the wars.God Forbid!

    Take care,and thank you!

    Doug in Vermont.

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