The Patriotic Six is Back!

It’s that special time of year again when we at the USO salute our men and women in uniform – and all who have served – by celebrating the six weeks (or thereabouts) between Memorial Day and July 4th.  We call it “The Patriotic Six” and this year we have so many ways that YOU can show your support!

  • Check out the website – it’s your one-stop shop for all things Patriotic Six.
  • Grab the widget – get a new patriotic fact every day and share it on all of your social networking sites; there’s even an iPhone App!
  • Add the Twibbon to your Twitter avatar – create a free account and you can position the Patriotic Six logo wherever you like
  • Change your desktop wallpaper – add one of our customized camo backgrounds for work or home computers
  • Fan us on Facebook – we’re looking to reach “60 in 6” – 60,000 fans in six weeks, that is!  It’s a big goal, but we know we can reach it and show the world how much support the USO has on Facebook!

Finally, we want to let you know that each week during the Patriotic Six we have a fantastic giveaway!  Today we have the DVD of Dear John – just released today – along with USO-branded goodies for one lucky blog reader.  [Please note: this contest has already ended, but we’ll have another great one next week!]

To enter the contest, just leave a comment on today’s blog letting us know how YOU plan to celebrate during the Patriotic Six.  One comment will be selected at random to receive the gift pack.  Sorry, but USO employees and their families are not eligible.

We have many more exiting things in store for your during the next six weeks.  Be sure to bookmark the blog or add it to your RSS feed for all the latest Patriotic Six happenings.

UPDATE: We’ve added the trailer!  There’s still time to comment; we’ll draw the winner on Thursday at Noon EST.
Channing Tatum stars in ‘Dear John,’ a romantic drama about a soldier who falls in love with a conservative college student. Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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47 thoughts on “The Patriotic Six is Back!

  1. I’m planning on watching more military movies with my son, while my husband (his daddy) is gone to iraq on his 3rd deployment.

  2. I will celebrate my patriotism during the Patriotic six by welcoming home my husband and his company for a long tour to Afghanistan. What better way to celebrate than to welcome home our soldiers from war.

  3. I am already a fan on facebook and will add as a fan on my twitter.
    My son is a marine and had to stay at the USO at the LA airport. What a wonderful group of people that help them. And Thank you for being there for all the military. I will help get the word out.

  4. I am hosting a Memorial Day BBQ at my house, complete with lantern lights outside.

    My husband will be home on R&R for the 4th of July so we plan to host another patriotic-themed BBQ that weekend.

    I will continue to honour my husband with the Service Flag in the front window.

  5. i am a military brat and wife my dad is retired amry and brother is in the army and hubby is in the navy so i will be honoring those and others and have put a support your ribben on my car and is throughing a big bbq for my whole hubby divion happy 6

  6. My daughter and I are helping to host a few bbq’s for my husband’s unit and some friends to thank them for their service. We will also be doing several things with families on base whose husband’s are deployed. :) Thanks a bunch USO for all you do! And for being an inspiration to all of us!

  7. My family is having a big cook out this memorial day in honor my boyfriend who is in the Marines and is coming in town for the weekend. After that I plan to visit him in North Carolina to celebrate the 4th of July together!

  8. I plan on spending more time at Arlington National Cemetery with my husband who’s in training for the Tomb of the unknown soldier. I will always be a part of the 50 state thank you to our troops

  9. I plan on going to the New USO at Fort Riley and volunteering while on Vacation. Then for the month of June I’m going to work every Friday for the concert series. Also every Saturday my son and I will make goodies to send to his Dad and others in the company while he is on his 4th deployment to Iraq.

  10. I plan on grabbing a few of the widgets and adding them to my other pages. My husband and I write letters to soldiers and we will had 6 more to our letter writing. Making sure I show my husband how thankful I am for his 20 years of service, by finishing his Man Cave for him and his buddies to enjoy. We will add another Veteran’s charity to our list of volunteer work. God Bless each and every on of our military members, past, present and future.

  11. I plan on going to the Veterans Cemetary in Houston to pay tribute to my Father. Will be getting a couple of care packages ready. I have a brother-in-law serving in Afganistan right now. My nephew is in the Army and not sure when he is going to be deployed. Will be attending our local celebrations followed up with a BBQ with friends. We may be in the land of the free but our militaries have made many unselfish sacrifices in our behalf so we can keep it that way. Here’s to all those serving thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. Having a Book Bash instead of Birthday Bash to collect new reading books for the USO’s United Through Reading Program – connecting deployed troops to their loved ones back home.

  13. Many of us who met in the TDC area of South Korea are having reunions all over the world. We are having several smaller reunions and linking them via internet, based out of Louisville, Kentucky. There will be reunions in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Kansas, Louisiana, Washington, Iraq, Afganistan, Korea, and Germany, to name but a few areas. It will include Vets and Active Duty who were in Korea all the way back to 1985.

  14. Fourth of July is my my favorite, but I’ve already prepared the house with decorations to celebrate all the great upcoming holidays and to show even more support for my DH who’s currently deployed to Afghanistan. So glad to hear that the USO has come up with something as cool as The Patriotic 6!!!

  15. I plan on celebrating the “Patriotic Six” in Afghanistan since that’s where I currently am. It should be an interesting 4th of July this year.

  16. I plan on going to the beach to celebrate Memorial Day and but up everything possible to send my husband to remind him of home while he is deployed!!

  17. We’ll start by watching Taking Chance then the Memorial Day special. Spend a little time at the range exercising our 2A rights. Gathering goodies for care packages as my husband is preparing for his next deployment with the USMC. The kids and I will also attend a parade welcoming home some of our returning warriors in June.

  18. I plan on celebrating Memorial Day at my county’s Memorial Day Ceremony in front of the county courthouse and watch my step-son participate in the ceremony, he is a member of his high schools JROTC, and probably skype with my son, his wife, and my grandaughter stationed at Emendorf AFB, Alaska.

  19. I have some friends over there and they have become more like my kids. Everywhere I go if I see something red white and blue I get it. I fan all kinds of military pages including this one. I donate to the VFW and I just sent in an old cell phone. I love my boys and theirs sacrafices they make for me and our country everyday. I love my country. GO ARMY!! Everyone else too but I have a soft spot for Army.

  20. During the Patriotic Six my daughter and I are planning to spend as much time with family. We will walking in our local town’s Fourth Of July parade to show our support for my husband, who’s currently deployed. We just recently hung our yellow ribbon on the tree in our front yard too. Happy holidays everyone and God Bless America and our Troops. Thank you USO for everything you do!

  21. I plan on visiting Georgia National Cemetary and paying respects to my cousin’s gravesite and also those who surround his. I’ll also be celebrating for my Soldier’s Angels penpal, stationed in Iraq!

  22. I will be riding with the Patriot Guard Riders supporting our fallen heroes as well as welcoming them home from service. I will also be volunteering at the USO…but these things really are not something I do during the Patriotic 6, but all year long. Memorial day will be spent reading the names of our fallen at the Riverside National Cemetery and helping any way I can with that ceremony. Thank you USO !!!

  23. Im planning on spending as much time as I can with my friends and family and letting them know I love them

  24. I have been looking at your job opportunities board everyday hoping for a position to come up so that I can join your team. Since I haven’t been lucky yet, I just received email from you on how to volunteer! :)

  25. My husband deploys in 6 weeks…My Birthday is in six weeks…Were going to celebrate by spending more time together as a family then we ever have…This will be my soldiers third deployment…This Patriotic Six event has added a little more fun to the mix…..will enjoy post festivities here at Stewart and this year hope that my daughter doesnt scare from the fireworks..While keeping the memory and spirit of my fellow soldiers alive and well…will definetly go through the Warriors Wallk here at Stewart and remember our fallen and embrace those who have and who will continue to serve…thank you USO and may God Bless America

  26. I plan on seeing my husband who gets a pass this weekend and then planning my trip to ft. benning to watch him graduate from OCS on July 1st!!

  27. Everyday I wear my yellow ribbon to honor my husband serving in Kuwait/Iraq, and during the final 4 mths of his current tour I will be getting ready for the triplets we will be welcoming this Fall. Hopefully he manages to get home before their arrival.

  28. I already participated in the “Armed Forces Freedom Ride” in Arizona, this Thursday I’ll be Riding to Arizonas “National Memorial Cemetary” to present wreaths to honor our heros. I have been involved with a couple of Memorial Retreat ceremonys (more to come leading into July 4th). Planning to participate in Celebration of Freedom in Mesa, AZ. And I’ll be attending some memorial rides in the next 6 weeks with Patriot Guard.

    Thanks USO for giving me a place to stay when I came home from my last deployment and had a 24 hour lay over.

  29. I am attending the 31 Days of Glory in Fayetteville, NC for Memorial Day. Then, I plan to continue my days as a Family Readiness Support Assistant helping the Family Readiness Group Leaders with whatever they need. I will also volunteer for my husband’s Family Readiness Group in any way that I can. I will send more care packages to my friend in Iraq and spend July 4th with my husband and his family in Pittsburgh. He has not seen them since his last deployment.

  30. I am going to spend this time with my family and enjoy being together…for all the times we were so far apart, and remember and support or deployed military.

  31. I plan on spending time with my family and making long lasting memories. I also plan to tell my husband each and every day that I am thankful for him, love him, and proud of everything he does. It is hard being apart but it brings us closer together as a couple.

  32. I will be visiting the National cemetery in Washington. during t5he “6 weeks” I will be welcoming home friends, and praying for very many to have a safe return.

  33. I am a Navy spouse and my husband is deployed. My children and I will be camping with friends to celebrate Memorial Day. We are looking forward to the the July 4th festivities on base along with our FRG. We will be thanking God and praying for all of our service members and their families. A special thanks to the USO for all that you do!!!

  34. I will be working with our troops as an Ombudsman and remembering to thank them for their service and sacrifice for our great Nation!

  35. We will be celebrating the “Patriotic 6” by throwing a memorial day bbq to have a few friends/ fellow soldiers over who don’t have families here, and remembering my good friend who was KIA in Jan in Afgan,RIP Sgt. Daniel Angus!, and also my Dad and Mom for their service to this country, and all the other men and women that have served, along with their families, and those men and women who paid the ultimate price ever for this country!

  36. I will be spending time with my daughter while my husband’s deployed to Afghanistan. We will be hanging out with friends and praying for his safe return.

  37. My son is on his 3rd deployment. I will continue to show my support with my Blue Star Banner. His Birthday is in June and we will celebrate it along with his Grandfather’s Birthday, a veteran also, along with Father’s Day. We will wrap it up with my July 4th Wedding Anniversary !! Thanking all our men & women of the armed forces.

  38. Im celebrating the Patriotic 6 by raising as much awareness as possible, it frustrates me that most people put the troops in the back of minds until Memorial Day or July 4th…we should be thanking troops EVERYDAY! God Bless them and keep them safe! HOOAH!

  39. Will be riding in a parade with my Red Hat Ladies celebrating Colonial Days. The theme is Patriotism so we’ll have our flag buntings on our vehicle. Remembering all those brave men and women who have fought (& many died) to preserve our way of life. Praying for peace in our WORLD – and soon..

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