Zac Brown Band Tours Persian Gulf

The Zac Brown Band performs an acoustic USO show for soldiers stationed at Camp Buehring in Kuwait on April 14, 2010. (USO photo by Erick Anderson)

“Playing our music on the front lines and in front of thousands of America’s troops is an opportunity of a lifetime.  We’ve toured all around the world, but nothing compares to what we’ve seen on our USO tour.  Being able to hear first-hand what it’s like to live in a combat zone and get a true sense of what it means to protect and serve, it is truly amazing.”  That’s what the Zac Brown Band had to say about their first USO in the Persian Gulf.

As reported by USA Today, the Grammy Award-winning band even skipped the Academy of Country Music awards to spend time with the Troops!

Their nine-day USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour is designed to deliver a much-needed break to Troops serving on the front lines.  So far, they’ve visited soldiers and performed USO shows at Camp Buehring and Camp Striker, touching the lives of more than 4,000 service men and women.

Although this is the band’s first USO tour to the Persian Gulf, they performed at the USO Fort Hood Community Strong event in December 2009; in 2008, Brown traveled along as part of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff USO Holiday tour  in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, United Kingdom and Germany.

He had this to say about his first visit there with the band: “Journeying back to the Persian Gulf with the USO and performing for our men and women in uniform means more to me than I can put into words.  Music is a powerful tool, it can transport you to another time and place, and connect you with loved ones. And that’s what this tour is all about- lifting spirits and delivering a touch of home.”  Thanks for the support, Zac Brown Band, and good luck tonight!

(L to R) Jimmy De Martini, Clay Cook, Zac Brown and John Hopkins of the Grammy Award winning Zac Brown Band gather together on stage and perform a song for troops stationed at Camp Buehring in Kuwait on April 14, 2010. This is the band's second USO tour and the third for Brown. (USO photo by Fred Greaves)

Zac Brown shakes hands and accepts patches from soldiers to glue on his guitar after the band's first USO show at Camp Buehring in Kuwait on April 14, 2010. (USO photo by Erick Anderson)

Guitarist Coy Bowles of the Grammy Award-winning Zac Brown Band performs solo for soldiers stationed at Camp Buehring in Kuwait on April 14, 2010. During their nine-day USO tour, the band will visit multiple posts, sign autographs and perform countless hits, such as “Chicken Fried,” “Toes” and “Whatever It is.” (USO photo by Erick Anderson)

The Zac Brown Band extends their heart felt thanks to troops and graciously responds to a highly energetic and appreciative crowd of soldiers stationed at Camp Buehring in Kuwait on April 14, 2010. Named “Best New Artist” at the 2010 Grammy Awards, the Zac Brown Band was recently nominated for four Academy of Country Music Awards including “Entertainer of the Year,” “Album of the Year,” “Single Record of the Year” and “Top New Vocal Group.” (USO photo by Erick Anderson)

10 thoughts on “Zac Brown Band Tours Persian Gulf

  1. My brother was able to see the Zac Brown Band this day and said all the guys loved it but that it seemed the band was almost happier to be there than they were to have them and he did not think that was possible! Its so nice to see people still supporting the troops!

  2. My husband is at Camp Stryker and was able to see the performance there. I am so thankful that he and his fellow troops are able to enjoy such events. Its the little things that count to them over there, and this was a great big thing. Thank you all for your support of our men and women serving overseas.

  3. My 19 year old son was amazed by the Zac Brown Band. He was so thrilled they came just to preform for them. It means alot to us parents that others care so much to entertain our kids while they fight for our FREEDOM…

  4. Thank-you for what you done for the troops, We have a son stationed over there, he loved the concert. Iknow it really cheered them up. thanks again.

  5. From a Vietnam vet thanks guys for bringing a little happiness to the men and women fighting for our freedom in countries far away. In Vietnam the USO brought a little bit of home to that far away country. Jimmy congratulations on your accomplishments with Zac Brown. We friends of DMCB are very proud of you.

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