Nigel Barker Says “Cheese” with Military Families

Renowned fashion photographer Nigel Barker stops for a photo with a local student at Leilehua High School in Wahiawa, Hawaii April 13, 2010. Barker is scheduled to visit four military schools, tour multiple military posts and provide military kids with helpful photography tips on his first-ever USO tour. (USO photo by Jackie Zettles)

Whether you’re more comfortable in front of the lens or behind the camera, giving back to the military community is always a good look.  Nigel Barker has done just that on his first USO Tour.  We brought you pics earlier this week…now see the rest below!

During the tour, Barker spent time at Hickam Air Force Base and Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, and visited four military schools.  He also flew a C17 simulator, toured the flight line and, most importantly, provided hundreds of troops and military kids with vital photography tips and words of encouragement.

Barker had this to say about touring: “I always look forward to getting involved with causes and charities I feel strongly about.  Boosting troop morale, spending time with the military community and working with the USO are things I truly believe in and firmly support.  I am excited for this opportunity and forever grateful for the service and sacrifice of America’s troops and their families.”  So are we…

Students from Leilehua High School in Wahiawa, Hawaii, display their USO memorabilia of Nigel Barker, April 13, 2010. Barker inspired two classes full of photography students with stories from his exciting career during a visit as part of a USO educational tour. (USO photo by Jackie Zettles)

Photography students at Leilehua High School pose for a photo with Nigel Barker April 13, 2010. During his time in Hawaii, Barker visited military schools, toured multiple military posts and provided military kids with helpful photography tips. (USO photo by Jackie Zettles)

Nigel Barker gets a kiss on his cheeks from two students at Radford High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, April 13, 2010. Barker is participating in his first USO tour, bringing inspirational messages to troops and their families stationed in the Aloha state. (USO Photo by Jackie Zettles)

Nigel Barker has a laugh with students at Radford High School in Honolulu, Hawaii as they turn their digital cameras on him on April 13, 2010. Barker inspired the students with messages of hope and stressed the importance of believing in their dreams. In addition to volunteering with the USO and spending quality time with military families stationed in Hawaii, Barker is also passionate about spreading his humanitarian message. (USO photo by Jackie Zettles)

New Video from Emily Riesen Benefits the Troops!

Meet country singer/songwriter Emily Riesen, the artist behind the new single "All Out of Smiles."

All Out of Smiles” is the new video from Emily Riesen, a rising star on the country music scene.  It was filmed on location at Fort Bragg and features the real men and women of our U.S. Special Forces.  You can preview the video below.

Here’s the cool part: ALL proceeds (100%) from every download (available on the iTunes link below) will be donated to charities supporting the families of our service men and women. It is a song of hope which recognizes the sacrifice of the families of our military heroes, as well as the sacrifices of the service personnel themselves.

If you love it as much as we do, we encourage you to share this with everyone you know as a thank you to military families!

Sloan Gibson, President & CEO of the USO, has personally endorsed the song and its message.   The former US Army Ranger and West Point graduate has this to say about the song: “I want to personally encourage everyone to go to iTunes and download Emily Riesen’s great new video, “All Out of Smiles”. This wonderful new song from Emily pays tribute to our men and women who wear the cloth of our nation and especially to their families whose sacrifice often goes unrecognized. All download proceeds will go to programs that support our military families!”

Click here to download the song from iTunes and support our Troops today!