This Week’s Snag Film: Ballou

It’s time to grab the popcorn and gather the family around the computer, because we have your new offering for the USO Theater from Snag Films!

This week’s documentary is Ballou; here’s the synopsis from Snag Films:

The marching band at Ballou Senior High School in D.C.

“Members of the Ballou Senior High School Marching Band rise above their violence-filled Washington, D.C., neighborhood in this documentary, which follows the group as they try to achieve their dream of winning the national marching band competition. Inspired by their tireless director, Darrell Watson, and helped by a dedicated team of volunteers, the musical teens put their heads, hearts and souls into making the band the best it can be.”


One thought on “This Week’s Snag Film: Ballou

  1. What a film ! Every high school band should watch this and learn from these kids and great director and dedicated volunteers !! I doubt that too many would even think of using duct tape but it keeps them going ! And they appreciate it !! So many lessons to learn from this band.

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