Letters Back Home – Special Kid Edition

It’s a little bit hard to read, but we thought the sentiments expressed on this handwritten note addressed to one USO were just too precious to pass up!

A family from El Paso, Texas, was stranded for 40 hours while awaiting a flight to Germany to go see family. Doc and Steve – USO regulars – went to the store to purchase eggs and some goodies for an Easter basket. They even conducted an Easter egg hunt for the little one in the Terminal!

Way to go, USO of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.  You really made a difference.

Easter Compliment

10 thoughts on “Letters Back Home – Special Kid Edition

  1. How awesome of “Doc & Steve” and the USO! This story warms my heart in the midst of all the other news I seem to be hearing these days. Thank you, with gratitude from a proud Air Force Mom.

  2. oh thats so sweet it really is and at least they were able to stay at the uso while being stuck at the airport that is why i love the uso its a great place especially when you are stuck at the airport.

  3. I had the privilege of being with Doc when he brainstormed about these kids hanging around the McGuire PAX Terminal for forty hours. I was there sending off 90-some AirForce personnel with my Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter899 of which I am Chaplain. Doc and Steve literally JUMPED to the idea of boiling some eggs and coloring them for these kids. What an inspiration Doc and Steve were to us all…and what an Easter Gift they are…every day to the USO and our wonderful armed forces. May God bless them all and everyone who keeps America free.

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