Grab Your Own Widget to Share “The Pacific”

HBO’s series “The Pacific” premiered last Sunday and continues to air Sunday nights through May 16, 2010.  We love the interactive website that accompanies the film, especially the Tributes: Share Your Story section.

Now you can share the this series and these stories online with “The Pacific” widget.  Just click on the image at right and follow the directions – it’s easy.

Know someone who should share their story, but doesn’t have access to a computer?  HBO has set up computer kiosks at museums across the country where visitors can record their tributes.

There are so many ways to participate – let us know about your experience!

Also be sure check out the video star-studded premiere…we think we see a few USO tour veterans in there.  Way to go!

Hallmark Channel’s “Meet My Mom Virtual Wall” Connects Families for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, Hallmark Channel, America’s premier family-friendly entertainment company, is pulling double duty in not only celebrating the moms we love, but also the soldiers who protect our freedoms every day with the Hallmark Channel in HD Original Movie “Meet My Mom,” premiering Saturday, May 8 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C).

As the film’s premiere approaches, Hallmark Channel is seizing the opportunity to celebrate moms and, in particular, military families, Hallmark Channel’s Facebook page will play host to a unique ‘Meet My Mom Virtual Wall,’ where not only viewers, but soldiers serving in all parts of the world, can submit photos, testimonials and videos as a tribute to their own moms.

Beginning March 17, soldiers can go to and upload photos of them and their moms, 60 second videos or text testimonials.  The interactive forum will go live on April 19 for all to see, and is just a small way to connect families who are far apart this Mother’s Day.
“90210” and “Full House” actress Lori Loughlin stars in the impactful story as Dana, a recent divorcee whose son becomes pen pals with Vince, a solider serving overseas.  When Vince returns stateside on leave, he visits his young friend, only to fall for Dana.  But with another tour of duty on the horizon, Dana must decide if she has the strength to love someone whose life is constantly in harm’s way.“Meet My Mom” starring Lori Loughlin, Stefanie Powers and Johnny Messner premieres Saturday, May 8 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C) exclusively on Hallmark Channel.