USO Radio

In this edition of USO Radio, Jim Mayer and Michael Naranjo are two wounded veterans from Vietnam. But they share more than that. They share the common bond of not only overcoming their injuries, but also excelling and giving back long after they had left the battlefield.

Their stories and more are featured in this special episode of what we are calling USO Radio, featuring Blues Traveler’s Forever Owed. Hear Mayer’s and Naranjo’s story – and more, including an exclusive look at the United Through Reading program – by clicking on the image above.

4 thoughts on “USO Radio

  1. Jeepers Creepers Fellas…! GI Joes and Janes all…we honor your services AND that of the USO…here at Quite The Stir Bungalow…To show we care…we’ve collaborated to create a new organization…Gettysburg-“The Greatest Generation” …on Face Book and website coming soon!…commemorating Preserverence and dedication, moments in history, life lived and lessons learned…the Greatest Generation! To those who gave so valiantly all those years ago, and indeed as do you today…we extend a smart salute.

    Thanks from a 40s Bungalow, daughter of a WWII vet with us yet today,…and a Gettysburg, PA AF family who loves America and appreciates all our soldiers past and present!

    Hubba, Hubba…Oh, Dad-E-Oh!

  2. we have been checking you out here and on some other pages with some info and so on. great site with great news for all troops over seas.

    Much Respect

  3. love the site. very down to earth and great info.

    if you wish come check up out and hear some great tunes we send over to the troops.


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