Family Care Packages Will Keep Military Families Connected

Sloan Gibson - President and CEO of the USO - enjoys a light moment with employees of the Family Readiness Center at the DC Armory, Feb 24, 2010. (USO Photo by Mike Theiler)

Members of the DC National Guard prepare items for the Family Care Package stuffing party at the US Army National Guard Armory in Washington, DC, February 24, 2010. (USO Photo by Mike Theiler)

Volunteers preparing for the stuffing party enjoy the antics of hoops&yoyo, Feb 24, 2010. (USO Photo by Mike Theiler)

Dr. Jill Biden spoke in support of the program, then joined volunteers in assembling the care packages, which will be sent to National Guard families in Florida whose loved ones are deploying this month. (USO Photo by Mike Theiler)

A completed Family Care Package includes items to facilitate communication and make the time go faster during deployment. (USO Photo by Em Hall)

All hands were on deck to accomplish the goal of stuffing 3,000 Family Care Packages on Feb 24, 2010. (USO Photo by Em Hall)

Every Family Care Package included a journal for the family, with a special note on the inside cover from their loved one who's deployed. (USO Photo by Em Hall)

Hallmark stars hoops&yoyo were on hand to entertain this military family while Dad is deployed. They're shown with Jodi Schade, the VP of Hallmark Properties (back left) and USO's Sloan Gibson. (USO Photo by Mike Theiler)

13 thoughts on “Family Care Packages Will Keep Military Families Connected

  1. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for putting this together. Staying connected with our deployed family member makes the separation far more bearable.

  2. My son recently deployed with the Florida National Guard (B Battery, 2-116 FA BN) arriving at Camp Patriot, Kuwait last week. Can he and his fellow soldiers get these new family care packages?

  3. Hi Karen! This round of family care packages have already been designated to specific families. To see if your soldier was involved in this group, or to be apart of the next one, please contact Cheryl and USO Metro DC. Thanks for your support!

  4. I love seeing the picture of my grandkids and very special daughter-in-law with hoops and yoyo. They had a terrific time!

  5. Hi Carole! We encourage you to check out what’s available at the Houston UDO – there are so many ways to get involved.

    Hi Molly! We are thrilled that you get to see your family, too. We’re not sure who had more energy: hoops&yoyo…or your grandkids!

  6. My husband deployed with Florida 2/116 FA B Btry and I received my care package about a week after he arrived in Kuwait. I really loved the journal & the fact he was able to write a little note on it. I sent him the phone card to use & Im looking forward to using that free 1/2 gallon ice cream coupon from Publix. One more note…we already love Hoops & YoYo cards so, what a great surprise to have one of those picked out in the package. Thank you for all your work putting these together…it put a smile on both our faces :)

  7. Today I get home and there’s a FedEx Package waiting. I’m not expecting anything so I’m curious. I open it and it’s a family care package from the USO! It says “Supporting Military Families” and it’s got a disposable camera, a car magnet, mouse pad, blue star family sticker keychain etc. And there’s a book that says open for a special message. I figure it’s going to explain what it is, but what I found was a LETTER from my son!!! OMG to say I bawled like a baby would be understating it. lol. We haven’t had any communication from him in almost three weeks, and being that tomorrow (or today for him!) is his birthday makes it that much harder. What a cool thing for the USO to do. There will never be enough words to express my thanks.

    • Kim, We’re so glad to hear this, we hope to expand our “reverse care package” program in the coming years! Thanks for everything your family does!

      • Well, I am honored, and so appreciative to have been able to be a recipient. I had been in such a sad space, it rejuvinated me completely. I’ll never be able to fully express just how much that meant to me. It was literally a hug to my heart. Sappy I know, but its true. Thanksnagain.

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