Catch Ace of Cakes and the USO on Food Network this Thursday!

In the episode “A Four Letter Word for Pastry,” Duff and his intrepid team at Charm City Cakes travel down to DC for a patriotic pastry party – namely, the USO Gala.  As usual, the team works their magic on an amazing cake that dazzled celebrity attendees and kids at Fort Myer – the cake’s final destination – with equal aplomb.

We’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Duff and his team for their cake and for taking the time to meet so many military families who turned out for a slice.

See the USO cake make its journey from start to finish – a delicious finish at that! – on “Ace of Cakes,” airing at 10pm EST on the Food Network.  Please check local listings for the time in your area.  And check out our exclusive preview pics below!

Lined up for the cake

Troops and their families lined up for hours before the cake arrived at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall! (USO Photo by Em Hall)

Bringing the Cake in

Duff and his crew carefully walk the cake in...but what does it look like? Tune in to see... (USO Photo by Em Hall)

Crowd Shot

And the crowd goes wild! Excited kids - and parents - rush to see the amazing cake. (USO Photo by Em Hall)

Ace of Cakes crew and USO

Duff and his crew take a moment to post with staff and volunteers of USO of Metropolitan Washington. Great work everybody! (USO Photo by Em Hall)

3 thoughts on “Catch Ace of Cakes and the USO on Food Network this Thursday!

  1. I always knew that I just love the whole crew on “Ace of Cakes” but this puts the “icing on the cake” so to say in my book.

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