Trace Adkins Visits Wounded Troops

Trace Adkins performs with the West Point Cadet Glee Club at the 2009 USO Gala. (USO Photo by Dennis Brack)

Country music star Trace Adkins is a huge supporter of the USO.  From performing live with the West Point Cadet Glee Club at the 2009 USO Gala in Washington, DC to visiting wounded troops as part of his work with USO of Metropolitan Washington’s (USO-Metro) celebrity handshake tours at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, Adkins never hesitates to show he cares.

On Friday, January 29, Adkins sat down for an interview with WMZQ’s “The Boxer Show,” where he had this to say: “It’s awe-inspiring, it’s overwhelming at times,” said Trace Adkins when asked about his experience participating in celebrity handshake tours at area military hospitals. He added, “You are in the presence of heroes, and the courage and determination that those men and women show is humbling. It’s an honor to get to do that.”

Click here to listen to the interview with Trace Adkins on WMZQ!

Trace Adkins shows his support with Handshake Tours, sponsored by USO of Metropolitan Washington. (USO Photo by Crystal Benton)

These handshake tours boost morale and provide a celebrity tour of a different kind to Troops who are recovering from their injuries – the families and friends who care for them.  Last year alone, USO-Metro hosted over 130 entertainers on these tours at area military hospitals, including Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the National Naval Medical Center and Warrior Transition Units at Fort Meade, Fort Belvoir and the McGuire Richmond VAMC.

We are grateful for the tireless work of Trace Adkins…and we love his music!  To show your support, and to learn more about USO of Metropolitan Washington, please visit

4 thoughts on “Trace Adkins Visits Wounded Troops

  1. Trace is like Toby Keith and many others,He supports Us Veterans and all our Troops !WE,THEY,Need that,and appreciate all that think of US!!Thanks Trace,Chief warrant 4 William A.Crissey, Sp.Ops.,Sr.Agent,Pentagon,Retired.

  2. Always nice to see Trace being recognized for all the good work he does. He is such a genuinely great guy who deeply appreciates our troops. He never passes up an opportunity to show his respect for our fighting men and women. Good for you, Trace! Continue showing all of us what a good American should be. And, a million thank-you’s to all of you who wear our country’s uniforms ~~ you are all my heroes!

  3. Trace is. Is a true Patriot. He has come to visit the wounded on several different occasions. There are hundreds and I mean hundreds in celebrities that come to visit the wounded on there own free will. The USO has done a phenomenon job on making this happen. It means so much to these men and women who are laid up in the hospital. Keep up the work.

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