Chairman’s Holiday Tour – Our Favorite Pics!

We see a lot here at the USO.  Our programs, services, and celebrity entertainment tours have taken us to nearly every corner of the globe.  But there’s something so very special about the holiday season – this time of year – that makes our work that much more meaningful.

We are thrilled and honored to bring you some of what might be the best pictures of the year: photos from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Holiday tour, as it makes its way through Iraq and Afghanistan.  The talent is stellar: Billy Ray Cyrus, Anna Kournikova, Dave Attell, Nick Bollettieri, and Admiral Mullen (we think he’s a celebrity!).  But it’s so much more than that.

Look at the faces of our men and women in uniform.  Check out how much fun “Santa” is having.  And realize that our job at the USO

is never done.  All we can do is provide a taste of home.  Until EVERY one comes home.

3 thoughts on “Chairman’s Holiday Tour – Our Favorite Pics!

  1. USO – thank you for all the years of dedication in placing as many smiles as possible along the way in supportive efforts for our troops.

    Merry more Seasons of warmth, joy, good cheer for all your endeavors to succeed for all New Years.

    Donna J. Bennett
    Peace Ambassador

    Director for
    A Partnership for Peace (p4p)
    est. 1959

  2. I’m proud of all of US troops over there, and would like to share with them the emotions of a warm Xmas…waiting for the moment you’ll be home safe and strong

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